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I'm freelance web designer & developer
Ondrej Huk with nickname Andy

I'm based in Prague, Czechia and I work worldwide.
I speak Czech, English, Spanish, HTML.

And this is what I do...

!'m available for hire.

New Website

  • For your company or project or personal presentation.
  • Optimized for all devices (responsive design).
  • Optimized to be fast.
  • Optimized to be seen by search engines.
  • You can manage the content.


  • System for the easiest way to manage the content on your website.
  • Secured against hack attacks.
  • Optimized to be fast.
  • SEO capabilites included.

Online shop

  • I'll help you choose the right solution and tools.
  • Pay monthly or just once.
  • I can manage the content for you.
  • I can make your online shop to be more visible.
  • Let's get ahead of your competition.
  • I'll help you grow.

Be seen

You want to be seen on the internet?

We will talk about your goals and I'll will prepare strategy how to achieve it in the online world.

There are many tools what can help you.

  • SEO - search engine optimization.
  • PPC - pay per click advertising.
  • Social media - build a community.


You have visitors but you don't have customers? Here comes these two.

  • UX - user experience
    how visitor feel using your website.
  • UI - user interface
    what visitor see - buttons, links, images etc.

Let me analyze your website, find problematic spots and present you working solutions.


Let me take care of your website / online shop.

  • I'll maintain the content and the system for you.
  • I will format the content in right visual way.
  • I will olitimize the images and their size.

You will finally get time to focus on your business and you can focus on what is your craft.

Webhosting, domain, emails

Your website need to be hosted somewhere. I can help you with that.

I can help you to get your own domain.

And you can have your own e-mail addresses.

And you can have your own e-mail addresses.

Migration to WordPress

Do you have your website just as HTML pages?

Would you like to manage content on your website?

Your webmaster is slow in response and you are waiting days for him to add important information or change small things?

Is your webmaster to expensive?

I can migrate your website to WordPress and you can manage the contetn by yourself whenever you want.

You tell me

Are you graphic designer or backend developer, or agency and you are looking for help in frontend?

Maybe you are someone who want's to learn how to make website and you are having some questions.

I'm one ear ready to hear it. I'll be very pleased if you will reach me and we can start to find out how we can colaborate.

As Paul Newman used to say:
A!! right,
a!! right,
a!! right...

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Ondrej Huk